Consultation Services 

Higher Education Research

The Centre researches current higher education (HE) internationalisation activities, practices and approaches around the world, with a specific focus on Africa and the developing and emerging world. The Centre also:

  • Conducts research on practices, approaches and theories of higher education internationalisation;
  • Develop new practices, approaches and theories of higher education internationalisation appropriate for the developing and emerging world and specifically the African continent;
  • Develop higher education internationalisation indicators for the developing world;
  • Act as the resource centre for higher education internationalisation in Africa and the developing and emerging world; and
  • Is the “data bank” for higher education internationalisation in Southern and East Africa.


Internationalisation Masterclasses and Short Programs

The Centre:
  • Develops and presents Masterclasses and short learning programs (SLPs) on all the aspects of higher education internationalisation. These programs aim to train and educate students and university staff from South Africa, Africa and beyond interested in higher education internationalisation; and
  • Organise colloquia, presentations, workshops and conferences on higher education internationalisation in Africa.
Student Recruitment

AfriC provides a service to higher education institutions from around the globe to recruit students for advanced studies as part of international mobility.

Traveling Scholar

The Afric’s Traveling Scholar Unit offers international faculty and students a culturally, immersive educational experience through the hosting of short programs throughout Africa. All programs are planned and designed in such a way that participants will engage with the local environment for the benefit of the participant and the locals.

Please visit the Traveling Scholar website for more information – CLICK HERE.