“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela.

Initially, the Internationalisation of Higher Education in African Universities was largely driven by the need to connect with Universities from the North. Furthermore, development funding became one of the drivers of Higher Education Internationalisation in Africa. The philosophy and theory supporting this Internationalisation was thus mainly driven by practices and requirements influenced by the needs of developed Higher Education systems. The African Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation (AfriC) is established to, through empirical analyses and engagement with African Higher Education Institutions and systems, become an independent voice providing theories and philosophies about Higher Education Internationalisation relevant to African Higher Education needs.

It is an independent voice that will set its own agenda and direction through thorough consultation and engagement with the Higher Education role players in Africa and the developing world. We will be part of the global process to re-think Higher Education Internationalisation philosophies and practices bringing to the debate the African Higher Education voice.

The need to empower and inform Higher Education leadership will be part of the agenda setting process of AfriC. Our annual Higher Education Colloquium will be an Agenda setting occasion engaging voices representing Africa, the developing as well as the developed world.

A cornerstone of the research and engagement activities will be to be the research ally for all those that want to work with, and in, Africa. Collaboration with all role players will be enhanced through the partnerships with similar institutions. Through the research and engagement activities, AfriC would strive to be one of the connecters that bring the global and the local together. Included in its research activities would be to become the data reference point about Higher Education international mobility within Africa and between Africa and the rest of the world. The findings and research outcomes will be published through modern electronic media, academic publications, relevant news media, colloquia and MasterClass programs.

AfriC, through its mobility arm – Traveling Scholar – will further enhance focussed mobility between Africa and the developed world. As AfriC’s implementation arm, Traveling Scholar, will focus on mobility between South, Southern and East Africa. Through its ethical Higher Education Internationalisation practices, Traveling Scholar will bring together Africa and the rest of the world.